Is Downdraft Worth It?

How to Choose the Best Venting System for Your Kitchen

It’s easy to choose a kitchen venting system based solely on aesthetics, but having a solid understanding of the pros and cons of different products is important too. Learn more about the various overhead and downdraft venting systems and find a solution that works best for your home.

Which Venting System is Right For Your Cooking Style?

Both your personal cooking style and the orientation of your kitchen will play a part in determining what type of vent system works best for your home. Though both overhead and downdraft vent systems add efficiency to indoor and outdoor kitchens, homeowners may gravitate to a certain vent system without considering how they use their cooktop. Is your cooktop gas, electric or induction? Are you routinely cooking with oils or burning the bacon? Do you use very tall cookware or are you a very tall person? All of these factors come into play when choosing between downdraft and overhead venting.

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