Do All Paint Booths Require Fire Suppression?

Fire Suppression Compliance: Stay Safe While Working in Your Paint Booth

Fire suppression is essential to all types of paint booth systems. Without it, your facility risks violating NFPA codes and possibly your insurance policy requirements. If you are installing a new paint booth or are looking to add fire suppression to your existing setup, here’s what you need to know.

What is a Paint Booth Fire Suppression System?

A fire suppression system is built to detect fires at the beginning stages through heat, smoke, and other warning signals. It is also able to extinguish fires.

A system typically includes:

  • Multiple cylinders to be activated simultaneously
  • Different sized agent tanks for various applications
  • Time delay to stop discharge long enough for exhaust fan shut down
  • Pull stations
  • Alarm bell
  • Control heads for flow management
  • Nozzles and caps for different uses
  • Detectors, brackets, and fusible links, including temperature rated triggers
  • Additional fire protection such as high-flow fire extinguishers

Why is a Fire Suppression System Necessary?

Fire suppression is needed inside a paint booth because paint spraying materials are often flammable or explosive. Further, some booths can cure as well. This means the suppression system must accommodate high temperatures without being triggered.

Code Compliances

For fire safety, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) governs the industry, mainly through two codes. The NFPA 33 is intended for large-scale, indoor spray paint applications, while the NFPA 13 regulates the booth’s sprinkler system.

Other agencies will provide non-fire-related paint booth regulations. For booth operator protection, view OSHA’s rules. For air quality and pollution guidelines, look at NESHAP.

How to Install a Fire Suppression System

To install paint booth fire suppression, contact your local provider. They will be able to design and install a code-compliant system based on your operational needs. For example, the highest temperature the booth will rise to must be considered.

How Accudraft Can Help

Accudraft, a leading paint booth manufacturer, can provide drawings and technical equipment data to the fire suppression system company. We can also provide insight into where the sprinkler heads can be installed. For more information.

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